How a Florida Restaurant is Rocking Social Media without Posting a Single Update

Jimmy's Fish House Sunset Photo Contest

Yes, this Florida restaurant has posted before, but they’re not actively posting.  In fact, they’ve only posted once on their Facebook page in the past year, yet it maintains a steady stream of fans posting photos, comments and reviews…and all but one of the reviews are positive, tough to achieve in the service industry.

How do they do it?  Well, it’s all because they identified and solved one problem almost every company has with social media.  Continue reading

Do I need Social Media Marketing?

We don't have a choice on whether we do social media the question is how well we do it.Social media isn’t just for high school kids. It’s not just a time waster. Nor is it just about posting photos of the toasted ravioli you had for lunch. Social media has become a daily source of communication, information and entertainment. Are your customers on social media? Absolutely, and you should be too.

Facebook alone has 59% of all internet users in North America as active users!

All around the world there are people on social media reading and posting updates. They’re looking at pictures their cousin took when he was on vacation in Clearwater Beach, Florida. They’re congratulating a friend on finishing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. They’re telling all their friends and family about how much they love Kaldi’s Coffee. Continue reading